Colourful Blue & White Hand-Painted Porcelain Landscape Tea Set


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Product Information

A hand-painted tea set filled with the harmony of nature and human living.
This tea set comes with one teapot, one serving jug, one tea strainer and six teacups in a gift box. It is a standard tea set with everything you need to do a tea ceremony.

The painting is carefully finished by our talented artist on the very delicate white porcelain. The 1300-degree firing in the kilns gives the tea set a jade-like touch. The glaze is thinner than the eggshell, smooth and light.
It comes in a gift box which makes it a beautiful gift for your special ones.

Product Size

Teapot: 230ml

Serving Jug: 210ml

Teacups: 80ml



Additional information

Weight 1500 g


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