Handmade Jun Porcelain Malachite Green Teapot with Rusty Spots


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Jun porcelain (钧瓷) was exclusively used for serving the Royal emperor over a thousand years ago. During this time it was forbidden for the population to even own Unless it was gifted from the imperial family or the emperor himself. In the Song Dynasty, it was conferred as the governmental porcelain by the famous emperor Song Huizong, because of the outstanding colours. It was a privilege and an honour to own one in ancient times.

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Crafted in such a classy and elegant form, this teapot features a high-standard of Jun porcelain. The body of the teapot is covered with malachite green glaze with many rusty spots on it. The bottom is not glazed but carved with 大贤阁. As a handmade Jun porcelain product, there is nothing identical in the whole world. It is unique. The pouring of this teapot is very good. Ideal for all the teas.


110 (w) *80 (h)mm, 150ml


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Weight 300 g


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