Handmade Jun Teacup-Lavendar Path


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With an over 800 years’ history, Jun kiln (钧窑) has been one of the representations of the peak of the marvellous pottery art in Chinese history. It used to be a privilege to the emperors to own these beautiful artworks. The artists nowadays are still pursuing the more perfect work from their creation.

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Handcrafted by the very skilful artist, this teacup comes in a gentle colour combination of light purple, sky blue and yellow. You will see different layers of colours. The opalescent surface humbles each of us when we pick up the teacup. Enjoy some tea with it, and enjoy a walk on the Lavendar Path

The beautiful glaze comes from the 1300 °C firing. The artists don’t always know what comes out. It is purely an accident to turn into this pattern. Each time, you might notice something different. You might also find some small cracks just on the surface of the tea bowl which is one of the characters of Jun porcelain.


65 (w)*55 (h)mm, 100ml


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