Handmade Purple and Blue Jun Porcelain Rooster


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About Jun Porcelain

Jun porcelain (钧瓷) was exclusively reserved for use within the imperial palace by the Royal emperor himself over a thousand years ago. During this time it was forbidden for the population to even own such items unless it was given as a gift from the imperial family or the emperor himself. In the Song Dynasty, it was conferred as the governmental porcelain by the famous emperor Song Huizong(宋徽宗), because of the rich and vivid colours. In ancient times it was considered a privilege and an honour to own.

This Jun porcelain (钧瓷) vase comes from the original ancient village that crafted masterpieces like this for the imperial palace and is made to the same very high standard. Imperfect pieced have to be destroyed because the artists pursue a perfect result. Before firing, the glaze looks exactly the same. The firing gives the porcelain fabulous colours and patterns after 72 different steps of hard work.

Product Information

A very handsomely made Jun porcelain rooster for your home decoration.

The rooster is in a positive and proud spirit which can lift yours up. The colour combination of this art piece is beautiful with its gentle blue and light purple colours. You will find layers of different colours underneath the icy cracks on the surface which makes it a high-quality Jun porcelain artwork.

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Weight 500 g


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