Private Tea Ceremony Workshop



The tea ceremony has shone on the planet for thousands of years. Its ultimate tranquillity and beauty come from China, an ancient country with a rich history and fantastic culture. It is a unique cultural experience that brings people together while creating a relaxing ambience. 

A private Chinese tea ceremony workshop allows us to look deep into this practice and learn the art, culture, history and philosophy it comes from. You will also get plenty of hands-on experiences to learn to do it yourself. 

The price for one person, one session which lasts for 2 hours is £25. As part of Christmas Special, you can book 5 workshops together and get an extra for FREE as well as a starting tea set which worths £32. 

This can be a special gift for your loved ones for Christmas. 

The workshop will include

  • 1 tea culture in China and tea ceremony
  • 2 Teapot or Gaiwan 
  • 3 Green tea, white tea, and yellow tea
  • 4 Oolong tea and red tea
  • 5 Puer Tea and black tea
  • 6 TBC (Depending on your performance in the last 5 sessions.)

If you have any question, please feel free to contact Estelle at


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