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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

We Are Back!

As the lockdown has been lifted, we slowly step into a new lifestyle and reopen the shop in the beautiful town, Cheltenham.

We are grateful that our dear tea friends didn’t lose their faith and hope in us. They have been patient and understanding. Now we can gladly announce that the shop is back to normal (sort of).

Even though we are more positive, we still take the situation of the Covid-19 seriously. We have set up roles following the government guidelines which you will find in the shop. We only allow up to 5 customers in the shop which makes 6 including myself. Hand sanitizer is available in the shop for everyone to use. We have no sitting area in the shop to keep a safe distance. I will wear a face shield when the customers are in the shop. Tea tasting is still available which will be conducted in a safe way.

During the lockdown, we made live videos for tea ceremonies. As we can’t host any tea ceremony in the shop at the moment, we will keep making the live tea ceremonies on Instagram and Facebook. Each Thursday at 10.30am, please join us on Instagram or Facebook for this special experience. We have received postive comments on these videos which gives us confidence to keep doing this. If you couldn’t watch the live, you can always find the video saved on Facebook page or IGTV on Instagram.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Please stay safe and positive. We will get there.

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